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OVN Annual Garage Sale

The annual OVN neighborhood garage sale is ALWAYS on the second Saturday in June, from 8:00 am  until 3:00 pm. There are no fees or permits required to participate. Each participant is encouraged to self-advertise on social media and Craigslist. The POA typically hangs banners and advertises on social media and in print.  Each participant is allowed as many as 4 signs, according to City of Bulverde Sign Ordinance. Please refer to the City's website for the details. Additional details, if needed, are provided by the POA prior to the sale each year via email and social media. 

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Monthly POA Meeting

3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. 

Johnson Ranch Fire & EMS Station

This is a standing meeting every month. All members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Welcome to our little community at the door step to the hill country.  You'll find friends, neighbors, and full moon nights found nowhere else.


[Spring/Summer, 2016: new information is being compiled and composed for distribution to the OVN membership. The issue concerning the 4S Ranch waste water treatment plant is an ongoing concern and action item for the POA and the newly formed Bulverde Neighborhood Association. A request for a contested case hearing  has been filed. Legal representation has been sought by the BNA. The BNA is working with other advocate groups who are helping to support our concerns about the WWTP. Please check back for updates. Thank You.]

Comments from the TCEQ Are In...

Click HERE to read the TCEQ's Comments to the November 19th Hearing 

The rapid growth of new developments being built north of Oak Village North, specifically the 4S Ranch, could have potentially dramatic effects on drainage, flooding, storm run off, and the quality and safety of our drinking water. A waste water treatment plant planned for the 4S Ranch was originally permitted by the TCEQ* to discharge up to 180,000 gallons per day of treated waste water effluent by means of a drip irrigation system about a mile north of OVN. Now, the developers of the 4S Ranch have applied to the TCEQ for a major amendment to convert  the TCEQ Texas Land Application Permit (for drip irrigation disposal) to be a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Permit, which changes the method of disposal to surface water discharge of treated domestic waste water at a daily average flow not to exceed 480,000 gallons per day.  

What this means is that the developers are asking to be allowed to vastly increase the amount of effluent being discharged AND to change how and where it's to be discharged. The new scope is to discharge up to 480,000 gallons per day of treated waste water effluent into Lewis Creek and its tributaries--which run through the middle of Oak Village North and serves as a recharge zone for the aquifer and wells that provides drinking water to our neighborhood. 


There was a TCEQ public meeting about this application for amendment to the permit held on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire/EMS station at 353 Rodeo Drive (on US Hwy 281, just north of Hwy 46). Several OVN and Bulverde-area residents attended the meeting and made both informal and formal comment to the TCEQ. There is MUCH concern throughout the area about the potentially ill effects on our well/drinking water and aquifer recharge zones for both the Trinity and Edwards aquifers.

All public comments have now been posted to the TCEQ website and are available for public review. Should the TCEQ opt to approve the permit amendment application in spite of the community concern, the next step will be for a formal hearing to contest the permit. Please stay abreast of this situation and take an active role as OVN residents! The community must act as a whole in order to get this waste water plant permit denied and to require that adequate health and safety measures are employed by the developers that will protect the residents of OVN and the surrounding community. 

To view all of the comments on record with the TCEQ,


To view the the notice of public meeting posted by the TCEQ, 


To view the map of subdivisions that indicates the 4S Ranch


*Texas Commission on Environmental Quality